Dance Wrap Skirt

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Dance Wrap Skirt.

This Dance Wrap Skirt offers a longer, calf-length alternative to the traditional dance skirt. Soft to the touch, whilst providing durability in its construction, this skirt incorporates sewn in knickers on an elasticated yoke profile waist. Delicate in appearance, durable in construction, the stretch mesh skirt adapts to many uses and disciplines. For the optimum flexibility, movement, and effect, a wrap over feature has been carefully and delicately applied to the front of the skirt enabling the right leg to protrude through the opening, without obstacle or catching. The skirt has been finished using a matching rolled hem emphasising the natural pleated effect.

This product is available to order in the following sizes (waist/length/inches):

Waist size 24 / Skirt length 20
Waist size 26 / Skirt length 21
Waist size 28 / Skirt length 22
Waist size 30 / Skirt Length 23
Waist size 32 / Skirt length 23