Looking for a pair of leggings, leotard. skirt or top for practice,  or a stunning cat suit for competition? We are sure that we have the expertise and materials for that something special which you will, cherish and love to wear!

As a leading and trusted brand in sports active apparel, we have established a reputation for inspirational styling and bespoke finishing which has earned considerable endorsement for quality, durability and value.

Not to be confused for similar products available on the High Street, all our products are designed, cut and assembled by hand within our own studio workshop in the UK, using an array of modern technical fabrics, infused and manufactured within the UK especially for us, providing the fit and comfort you demand.

Size doesn’t matter, we cater for all shapes and sizes, from novice to a competition standard. Our time spent with an array of coaches and sports professionals over the past twenty seven years, allows for the learning and techniques’ to be combined within the products we make.

We work on the principle that, “we do not want it back!”. Once sold, our reputation relies on every stitch we stamp into the product, every thread of the material, performing and holding fast for every possible situation. Above all, the quality of fabrics we incorporate into our products can be maintained with ease. Quality, durability and longevity endorses each of our products, representing value for money.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask, simply call us on +44(0)1793 480882 or email enquiry@geesactive.co.uk